Thalgo 3 Algae Wrap

The original marine algae wrap, harnessing all the incredible benefits of seaweed. After a relaxing welcome massage to relieve tensions, the body is exfoliated before Thalgo's patented seaweed body wrap is applied, infusing it's minerals and vitamins to the body. This treatment activates circulation, increases metabolism, relieves aches and pains and improves skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Excellent for detox and general well being. 

1hr 15mins                                           £48


Thalgo Rebalancing Back Treatment

Discover the incredible benefits of seaweed for problem skin. This back treatment combines marine algae to deep cleanse, detoxify and smooth the skin. After a relaxing welcome massage the skin is exfoliated with red algae based body scrub. The patented seaweed wrap is then applied to the back, once removed a refreshing sea water concentrate is applied followed by an

Intense regulating Serum to rebalance

sebum production.

45 mins                                            £35

Thalgo Aromaceane Body Wrap

This ultra relaxing treatment combines Aromatherapy with a marine body wrap to improve health & well being. After a welcome massage the therapist performs reflex activity on the feet. The natural Marine Mud body wrap is customised with essential oils, chosen to suit your specific concerns (relaxation, slimming or detox) and applied to the body. You will be wrapped in a thermal blanket while it infuses it's benefits. Once the wrap is removed, a light massage is carried

out with a chosen blend of oils.

1hr 15 mins                                    £55


Marine Prelude.

Full body exfoliation, ideal before holidays and tanning or just for super soft skin. Combining Natural Marine Mud and sea salts to leave the skin perfectly polished! an application of conditioning body cream is applied to finish your treatment.



1hr 15mins                                  £35

Thalgo Aromatic Massage.

Pure Bliss! using the powerful techniques of shiatsu and swedish massage schools, this relaxing massage will relieve all signs of stress, fatigue and relax the mind. 


1hr                                                  £45

1hr 30mins                                     £55

30min Back & Neck Massage         £25

45min Back & Neck Massage         £30

30min Head Massage                     £25

Thalgo Pregnancy Prelude.

Regain the skins elasticity and tone with this relaxing pamper treatment. After a soothing welcome massage, the body is exfoliated before a massage is carried out using celebrity favourite stretch mark cream to strengthen and firm the skin. The body mask is applied and left to infuse it's anti cellulite benefits for 20mins before been gently peeled off. Finally, a nourishing body cream is applied to end the treatment.

It is safe to have this treatment after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

1hr 30mins                               £50

Aquatic Scrub.

Blue Lagoon scrub combines the unique exfoliating

power of sea salt with nourishing oils, leaving you

velvety soft to the touch.

45mins                                     £28

Sea & Senses Hot Stone Ritual.

For deep relaxation, after a salt powder exfoliation,

warm Basalt Volcanic stones are used to re-mineralise

and aid relaxtion, an invitation to sleep!

1hr 30mins                                                £65

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