Activ Draining.

An exclusive Integrative Slimming innovation, ACTIV DRAINING has been formulated for anyone wishing to target the mechanisms involved in eliminating water and fat. ACTIV DRAINING is concentrated in 3 plant extracts, Mate, Horsetail, and Hibiscus - recognised for theirdraining properties, and Ascophyllum nodosum brown algae which boosts the elimination of fatty deposits. ACTIV DRAINING can also be taken as a food supplement to boost vitamin C intake which helps to reduce fatigue.



Activ Refining.

ACTIV REFINING contains a patented phytocomplex called Sinetrol, clinically proven to reduce waist and hips circumference by 5cm on average. It also contains Guarana extract titrated in caffiene combined with fucus brown algae extract, ACTIV REFINING offers a corrective solution that targets all the mechanisms involved in refining the silhouette forthose who wish to reshape their figure.



Activ Detox.

ACTIV DETOX for localised curves, people who have difficulty eliminating toxins and a dull complexion etc. An excess of toxins in the body can have repercussions on the figure and skin. ACTIV DETOX, with its 100% natural origin active ingredients - fucus brown Algae and a complex of organic plants - helps you to recover a sense of well-being and lightness. Contains fennel and artichoke extracts which encourage detoxification of the body by helping to eliminate toxins. Fucus brown Algae helps to promote weight loss.



COACH Anti-Orange Peel Effect.

The appearence of "dimpled skin" is caused by many factors and affects almost 90% of women in varying degrees. It can be accentuated by an imbalance of specific micronutrients. Thalgo offers a corrective solution to the look of orange-peel skin, targeting all the parameters involved in the appearence of cellulite in order to restore the skins smooth feel. COACH Anti-Orange Peel Effect contains a patented melon concentrate, clinically tested on cellulite reduction, Ascophyllum nodosum and fat-burning green tea extracts, and grape marc extract which contributes to tissue drainage. Certain micro-nutrients deficiencies can delay the achievement of desired results. COACH Anti-Orange Peel Effect is formulated with zinc and vitamin A, known for helping maintain normal skin.




MENOSVELT is an exclusive formula, specifically designed for women over 45 wishing to get back into shape. Undaria pinnatifida alga extract contributes to the metabolism of abdominal fat to help regain a flat stomach and refined hips. The "anti-water" complex combines green tea with ash tree, known to facilitate the elimination of excess water. Iodine contributes to normal energy metabolism. The slimming metabolism is thus regulated.



Organic Infus'oceanes - Draining

The combination of liquorice with natural blackcurrant.

For optimal elimination! Known for its detoxifying and draining properties, Meadowsweet works with Fucus brown algae to stimulate drainage of the body and release excess water.

By drinking two infusions a day, Draining Organic Infus'oceanes will help you rediscover a light, shapely figure.



Organic Infus'oceanes - Refining

A natural exotic fruits flavour.

Maintain a trim figure! Green tea, Meadowsweet and Fucus brown algae are know to promote weightloss and body drainage. By drinking two infusion teas a day, in addition to a suitable diet, Refining Organic Infus'oceanes will help you rediscover a more slender figure. And don't forget drinking your herbal tea without sugar can only help your diet!



Organic Infus'oceanes - Light Legs

A natural red fruits flavour.

Relieve those tired legs! Red vine, known for its beneficial effect on circulation, and Nettle, which has draining properties, work with brown algae Ascophyllum to relieve tired heavy legs. By drinking two infusions a day, Light Legs Organic Infus'oceanes will restore lightness and energy to your legs.



Organic Infus'oceanes - Serenity

A natural flavour of honey and orange blossom.

Recover tranquillity and harmony with a soothing mix of Limetree, Orange leaf and Verbena.Relaxation is also enhanced by the algae Ulva lactuca, which is rich in magnesium and helps to calm nerves. By drinking two infusions a day, one before going to bed, Serenity Organic Infus'oceanes will help to give you a peaceful nights sleep.


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