Welcome to the World of High Definition!


Our aim is to create a brow tailored to you! From over plucked to under groomed, we will specifically create your brow shape and realistically help you achieve a brow you've always wanted. 

We will look at the shape of your face, makeup style, hair & eye colour along with many other factors and discuss how you'd like your brows, giving our expert opinions we will start the process of achieving the perfect brow! 


I have sparse brows, can I still have HD Brows?

Many people have sparse brows, we will work with you to achieve the perfect brow by putting you on a regrowth programme. We will take specific measurements and plan where we need the brow hairs and, where we do not, with the added help of High Definitions Lash & Brow booster (our saviour!). Designed to promote new hair growth, we will help to grow the brow in over time and help create the desired look! we aim at new growth within 3 months. 


What does a HD Brow Treatment entail?

After a thorough consulation, we take measurements of your brow to find out where we need to grow the hairs in if needed. A tint is mixed to your specific colouring and applied all over the brow to pick up tiny hairs, instantly giving you a fuller looking brow. We remove the tint, wax above, below and inbetween the brows, then thread away any little hairs to create a smooth finish! We ensure there are no unruly brow hairs by trimming, finally we use High Definition make-up to finish off your perfect brow


We will ensure you are confident in using any brow product you may need to create your perfect brow at home!




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