Bio Skin Jetting is a biological method for correcting wrinkles. This method is used by professional beauty therapists who have received special training from Skin By Sterex Ltd. All wrinkles and scars can be treated using this method which is based on the skin's regenerative capacity. This means that the skin is stimulated to fill up the wrinkle or the scar. Fine wrinkles disappear and deep wrinkles become visibly less deep.

The benefits of BioSkinJetting:

  • No injections or operations
  • No foreign substances
  • Non-irritating
  • Quick and visible results
  • Lasting results
  • No need to take time off, you look presentable after the treatment'
  • Affordable method

can be booked as a single treatment or as a package of several treatments.

is a treatment that may form part of the package of treatments and is only carried out if the skin is found not to have sufficient self-regenerating qualities. A package of treatments may comprise of only 'Jetting' treatments or a combination of 'Jetting' and 'Smoothing' treatments, depending on your skin condition. The beauty therapist will adapt the treatments to your skin. Example prices are shown below:

Treatment for 15mins
e.g.: forehead wrinkle, line from nose to lips
Treatment for 40mins
e.g.: around the mouth, around the eyes or wrinkles spread throughout the face
Package of 5 treatments (15mins)
min £225
Including after-treatment home care kit
Package of 5 treatments (40mins)
min £430
Including after-treatment home care kit


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