Relax Me!


Relax with a 3 Algae Wrap, a Full Body Exfoliation on the heated bed, beautiful walk in shower, application of warm Algae Wrap. Immerse yourself in deep relaxation whilst a 30 min Scalp and Reflex Foot Massage is carried out. This is my favourite treatment!


OPI Pro Pedicure

OPI Pro Manicure                                                                          3 1/2 hours  £80


Energise Me!


A Full Body Sea Salt Exfoliation with application of marine cream and 30 minute Back & Neck Massage, followed by OPI Pro Pedicure and OPI Pro Manicure with Gel Polish. 


Leave feeling prepared for anything!                                                 3 hours  £70                              

Summer Gels


OPI Gel Colour Nails 

OPI Gel Colour Toes                                                                                1hr  £30

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